Friday, October 07, 2005

New-ish Blog

I was recently at one of my "Monthly Ladies Brunches" where the topic of blogs came up. I mentioned that I had a blog and several Ladies asked what it was. I didn't give them the address. I have my "other" blog that is more anonymous and none of my friends and family know about it. It is one of those "diary" type blogs. Since I also started this one last year and then never bothered updating it because I thought I could only be creative enough for one blog, I never added to it. So I've been thinking. Scary, I know. I thought, "What the hell, let's get this one rambling again. "So here I am. For all the world, friends and family included, to see.

Being witty is hard when you know you have friends and family reading it. I will not use real names. I will not post pictures without permission and I promise I will try to be funny whenever possible. If I'm not, well fuck you because everyone is allowed to have off days every now and then and sometimes real life just ain't that humorous.

I will try hard to update this one as frequently as possible but frankly, I'm not about to get dooced for it. Entertaining for the general public or not.

Here it goes........


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