Tuesday, November 08, 2005


So last Thursday night there were some downed wires on the train tracks and all the trains were delayed. As we all stood in lines, feeling like a bunch of herded cattle ready for slaughter, the woman in front of me started up a conversation. A few minutes later the “kid” behind me joined in. We discussed what we did for a living, where we lived (in general terms, they could have been serial killers you know) and whether or not we should try to share a cab instead of waiting. Anyway, during that two and half hours talking with those 2 people I realized I was officially old.

The “kid” was adorable. 24, smart, funny, polite, cute and oh so cool. A boy any Mother would be thrilled to have her daughter bring home. Had I been 10 years younger I would have been ALL over him. Right there I looked at him and thought, “I am old because I am not attracted to him like that. I have a mortgage for Christ’s sake!” Sigh, oh well....

That reminds me, I need to go make an appointment to get my roots colored. I can’t have all this gray showing around the holidays when the flash bulbs start going off.


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