Monday, April 17, 2006

Yeah, well, I'm rubber and you're glue..

I was having a great day. “Was” being the operative word here. I went shopping and bought a pair of pants in a size smaller than I usually wear. I was so happy I nearly skipped back to the office but instead I decided to duck into the University of Pennsylvania bookstore to check out the latest fiction.

Big mistake.

As I was going around a corner a teenybopper nearly ran into me and said, “Oh, excuse me Ma’am.” I nearly choked her to death right there in front of the Best Sellers and Cookbooks. “Ma’am”? She actually thought I was old enough to deserve being “ma’amed.” Oh, now I’m depressed. And just on Saturday night while Train Guy and I were eating dinner at my favorite restaurant he said, “Do you think anyone looking at us can tell that we’re seven years apart? I don’t think anyone would ever know.” (yes, please insert the obligatory, “awwwwww” here.)

Hey Train Guy, apparently you can tell. But who cares because my pants are one size smaller! Take that Freshman Fifteen girl….


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