Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Two posts in one day = making up for my delinquency last week...

I am fair skinned. In fact, “fair” probably isn’t the best word. Pasty white is more accurate. And being the pasty white, fair skinned woman of European descent that I am, I sunburn pretty easily. As I have, ahem, aged (gracefully damn it!!!!!) my skin is a bit more leathery and therefore I’m a bit more tolerant than I used to be. But one place that doesn’t build up a base is my scalp.

Every year, at least twice a year, I get sunburn on my scalp. The day after the burning I notice that it hurts like hell to run a comb through my hair and then about one week later I notice in a mirror, and usually in an embarrassing situation, that I have a very defined patch of dandruff; right in the part of my hair, about six inches long and a half a centimeter wide. And every time this happens I freak out thinking I need to race out and buy Head and Shoulders and that in a few minutes I’m going to pull an Ally Sheedy from Breakfast Club.

So guess what happened last weekend and then this past weekend? Yup, I was out in the sun. And guess what I just noticed after being introduced to the President of the company I steal office space from? Yup, my bi-yearly dandruff. And guess what I just did Ally Sheedy style? Yup, rubbed my scalp as hard as I could to get it off. No, I didn’t do it over a picture so it looked like snow. That’s gross. I have some self-respect you know! Not much, but a little.


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