Monday, May 08, 2006

Reason #7,739 why I love my neighborhood

As of 5 minutes ago, and within the last 4 days, 31 e-mails have gone back and forth between 5 neighbors attempting to pick out the kinds of strombolis to be consumed while watching Sunday’s episode of The Sopranos at my place tomorrow night.

We all know that I am lame and can’t stay up until 10 pm on Sundays, the time when The Sopranos ends. So the neighbors come over at about 7ish on Tuesdays to watch the TiVo’d episode.

When we first started watching this season some neighbors would bring their own food, then Cool Neighbor Chick offered to bring popcorn and it all went downhill from there. One week it was copious amounts of Chinese food, then pizza and now stromboli. If I’m not careful I’m going to have Tony Soprano’s waist line by the season finale.


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