Monday, November 20, 2006

School girl crushes gone wild

Actual text message “conversation” between me and my friend “S,” the head Doctor, last night:

S: I’m in CA & I just heard I might b able 2 meet logan – i’m so excited!!!
E: WOW! Of course it would be more exciting if I knew who logan is?!
S: logan from Gilmore Girls!!!
E: NO Fing WAY!!! AHHHHH! I LOVE HIM! Molest him for me or at the very least get me an autograph made out to me WITH LOVE from Logan…sigh…
S: it’s still not 100%, but i’m hoping!
E: I’m hoping too!! Whatcha gonna wear??? You have to start planning! Take off your wedding ring… You know, just in case…I’m sure P will understand.
S: he is right here, and somehow he doesn’t understand! oh well
E: You’re obviously not trying hard enough.
S: well, logan’s not here yet, so I wasn’t trying hard yet
E: Go all out and just whip your shirt off! What have you got to lose?? And where ARE you???

And then nothing… bitch.

Her brother is a movie producer and she, her husband, and parents went out to LA for Thanksgiving. I have no idea where they were at 4:30 Pacific time to have the opportunity to meet THE Logan Huntsberger (I have no idea what the actor’s name is but who cares! We just love the character he plays). We both absolutely love the Gilmore Girls and although we watch who we actually admit that fact to we both harbor deep, dirty thoughts for Logan.

Now doesn’t this make you feel like giving $150 an hour to S to listen to you and help figure out your problems? Personally, it really would make me hire her. She’s honest, obviously knows what’s important and has excellent taste in men.


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