Friday, October 21, 2005

Customer or Therapist?

While I was in Chicago last week enjoying the culture, the food and having daily maid service, my brand new roof decided to spring not one but TWO leaks. At opposite sides of the house. That’s right. My BRAND NEW roof has TWO NEW leaks. I am not pleased.

I got in on Saturday, dumped my suitcase on the bed, noticed the stain on the freshly washed curtains and got the phone number for the roofing company; all in 10 seconds. I left a rather harsh message which made me feel somewhat better. But I will admit I spent the next several days playing out the conversation I was going to have with the roof guy and working on my tough guy persona.

My Project Manager, let’s call him Roger (because that’s his name), came at 11 this morning, on time which was nice, and I greeted him with a, “Hi, nice to see you, how are you?” He then replies with a, “Nice to see you too, I’m getting a divorce thanks for asking. I’m doing OK. All the guys at work noticed that I hadn’t been happy and this is for the best. I’ve been in and out of ______ ____ Hospital 4 times this past summer and my doctor, Dr. ____, right up the road here? Yeah, he’s been my doctor for 25 years and he didn’t know what it was, turned out I had severe anxiety so now I’m on Zoloft. But thanks for asking, I’m doing better now.”

OK, when you open the door to someone that you have only spent a few hours of your entire 31 and a half years with and you haven’t seen that person for 10 months and the reason they are there is because a service that I paid him a freaking TON of money for is all screwed up and I was really pissed when I last spoke to him, when I ask, “Hi, how are you?” I’m expecting to hear from you, “OK, thanks. Now what’s the problem with the roof?” Or is it just me?


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