Monday, November 14, 2005

Hint: It’s not sliced bread

OK, the world’s greatest invention so far: the leaf blower. I have a big yard. I am really lucky to have a huge yard where I live. One thing I don’t have in my gorgeous yard is a tree. I am, however, surrounded by them so raking is a pain in the neck and exacerbated by the fact that all those god damned leaves that I spend hours raking AREN’T EVEN MINE. I also don’t have a leaf collection where I live so I have to bag them all in those big brown paper bags so they can be recycled and made into mulch. Way to be eco-friendly but the raking and bag-stuffing process is a laborious one.

Not any more. Last year I spent a good three weekends raking, went thru a bottle of Advil, a tube of Neosporin on the blisters all over my hands and spent several nights lying on the floor moaning from the back pain. This year? Yeah, it took me an HOUR AND A HALF!!! Whoever invented the leaf blower is a GENIUS I tell you!!

Ahh, yes, the little things in life……


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