Thursday, March 16, 2006

Timing really is everything

At about 11:00 AM, and after much internal debate, I decided to get up and go downstairs to grab another cup of decaf coffee. I also decided to take the eight flights of stairs back up to my desk. As I opened the door onto my floor, and while trying not to pant too heavily, there was a rather dashing man standing there. Hmm... cute and VERY familiar. “Uh, T____?!?!?” HOLY SHIT!!!!!

T and I worked together at The Firm about 7 years ago. We would grab coffee during the day with some other associates and we became good friends. He introduced me to his wife and we became good friends. I went to their wedding and they listened to my dating horror stories. Every month or so we all would go grab dinner as a group with a few other couples. He left The Firm to begin a lucrative career at a consulting company doing M&A work, some of the other Associates we hung out with left too andI left to start the job I currently hold. But we all got together for the group dinners. Then about 4 years ago I moved to Cincinnati and we fell out of touch.

When I go thru my contacts list in Outlook he and his wife’s names are there taunting me and making me feel guilty that I haven’t gotten in touch to let them know I’m back. Every month the guilt is there but the excuse of, “it’s been such a long time…” kicks in and I get back to doing what I was doing. But there he was. In my building. WHY?

Seems he just started with my company about 4 days ago. Correction, he works for the sister company that I steal office space from so I don’t have to live in Cincinnati. It also seems that he is now a big head-honcho Senior VP guy with a huge corner office (yeah, and I'm still in the same position.. sigh). We caught up for about 15 minutes and then he had to run to a meeting. Before he ran we managed to catch up on the basics. He and M now have two baby girls. He fell out of touch with another of our dinner regulars but keeps up with the others but not as much. I am just so happy that I ran into him. And I’m so happy to have a friend back that I haven’t talked to in ages. I’m also thrilled that I now have a friend to get coffee with at work. I was getting a bit lonely here. Oh yeah, and he’s as chatty as I am. I’m not sure I’m going to get much work done…


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