Friday, October 20, 2006

Things to hate, things to love

Things I hate:

That California is 3 hours behind. I need to contact someone there and I’m sick of watching the clock.

That Jim moved to Stamford and isn’t in Scranton and available to ask Pam out now (if you don’t watch The Office, which you should, you won’t understand).

That the “new” laptop they sent me is actually an old laptop of an employee who recently quit and it’s slower than my OLD laptop, I can’t get the settings right, even with the help of my HELP desk and that the company I steal office space doesn’t have the new laptop’s IP address on file so I CAN NOT GET ON THE INTERNET (I’m now STILL working from the old one).

That I saw a commercial for Sarah McLachlan’s CHRISTMAS CD yesterday. For the love of God people, it isn’t even Halloween yet! BACK OFF with the x-mas shit!

That my new pill is great in all aspects except it makes me retain more water than the Titanic did when it was going down. Is this punishment for wanting to have premarital sex WITHOUT wanting to get pregnant?!? IS IT??? Thank God for prescription diuretics.

Things that make me happy:

My sister is coming in to town tomorrow for 5 days with her daughter.

My sister and niece are staying with my parents and therefore my Mother has been cooking for over a week.

I will not have to go grocery shopping until Thursday.

I am leaving work early today BECAUSE. I. CAN.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate the time difference too, especially at 11 am eastern time...I hate it when computers are messed up, I throw my hands up in despair usually and beg my husband to "fix, please"...I love when my sisters visit and someone else cooks.

Have a good visit, yeah! to you for not having to grocery shop, I did on Sunday with all three kids and no husband, that is just pure joy.

October 23, 2006 2:05 PM  

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