Tuesday, November 29, 2005

High school guy

Yes, he’s changed. I would assume it’s to be expected between the ages of 14 and 31. Not only has he grown but he shaves now too. I never would have recognized him in a million years if I passed him on the street.

We spent a lot of time talking about the people we went to school with and what they were up to now. It was funny to hear who had been doing what and what they were doing now. It was like reading the gossip columns but with people I knew and no haute couture. Hmm, maybe it wasn’t that interesting but it was fun to hear. There were some pretty good shockers but looking back on it maybe we all should have seen them coming. Apparently one guy, in college, was personally responsible for the largest bust of pot in the ENTIRE STATE where he was at school. Good entrepreneurial spirit, wrong product.

What was strange was sitting across from this man (a man!) who I felt I should know better and should be able to talk to about all sorts of things since I knew him back when. But then I realized that he is, essentially, a complete stranger and that the only familiar thing about him was his smile. Well, that and his height. (Holy shit. He made me feel short and at 5’11” -in heels- that is no small feat!). And, yes, we did solve the “repressed memory” that I had. No, I won’t share. A lady does not kiss and tell….

He did say one thing which now has me obsessed, OK, obsessed may be a strong word but occasionally preoccupied would be a good way to put it. He said that he remembered my tooth. I have a slightly skewed tooth. The one that sits next to my front tooth but not the canine incisor (is there a Dentist in the house?! What is that tooth called?!)? Yeah, well one of mine projects towards the front a bit at an angle. (I even tried to get a picture of it for you but it didn’t work when I tried to crop it, sorry.)

Anyway, I never saw my one crooked tooth as anything to be self-conscious about (and I know he didn't mean to make me self-conscious about it). My non-existent ass, big hips and small boobs maybe (by the way, Dearest Sister of mine, they did NOT grow in college like you promised me they would) but not my tooth. Now I find myself running my tongue over it while I’m typing, cooking or reading on the train. Ugh. I think I have enough to worry about without adding my tooth to the mix but does anyone have the name of a good orthodontist? You know, just in case.


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