Monday, December 05, 2005

Things that make me laugh uncontrollably

When Lucy the Lab came out of emergency surgery Friday night totally whacked out of her skull on morphine.

She was accidentally nipped on the side while playing with a puppy friend, and after emergency surgery on Friday night to stitch her up the Vet brought her out to me with the warning she’d had morphine and might be chatty. Hunh?

She was panting, tongue lolling out of the side of her mouth, drooling and whining/whimpering incessantly. Apparently dogs, like humans, become chatty when they come off of morphine. She wasn’t in any pain, it was just that since dogs can not form words, their “chatting” comes out as WHINING. And oh, did she whine and slur her way thru the entire night. She lay there for 7 hours, whining, eyes dilated and tongue hanging out of her mouth until the effects wore off.

I just hope this doesn’t become a habit and she doesn’t start faking injuries so we can go back and get more for her. I don’t think the Dog Insurance covers addictions, but I’ll go check just in case.


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