Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I never said I was smart

Last night Train Guy and I hoofed it out to the Scariest Place on Earth, or as others like to call it, The Kind of Prussia Mall. It’s HUGE and consists of eight billion stores including Neimans and Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, you name it, it is THERE. I hate it. It’s too big. I get anxiety at the prospect of going. But it does have stores we don’t have elsewhere in Philly. Like Sephora.

Last night I asked Train Guy to go with me because I hate driving there and because he is nice like that. He actually drove me all the way out there just so I could buy something for my sister at Sephora and avoid paying the shipping costs of buying on line. We got there, got what we needed (and then some) and then TG says he’s hungry can we please go to the world’s worst restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory? Now, I don’t think it’s the worst because the food is so bad or because it’s a chain. I think the food is OK, I just think it’s awful to go in when I can’t eat the fucking cheesecake!! What’s the point of going there if you can’t spend $25 on a slice of cheesecake so good you’d actually contemplate giving up sex for it?

So, our little trip to the mall for an $18 item to save $6 in shipping wound up costing me over a $150 for dinner and some other things I just happened to see at Sephora that I didn’t already have. Note to self: next time just pay the damned shipping. It’s actually cheaper that way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, Joe would have dragged me into the steak house to pay like 40 bucks for a 6 oz filet mignon.

He hates that Mall, since there is a Pottery Barn Kids there. My credit card starts to tremble when I get within 50 feet of that place.

November 22, 2006 9:52 AM  

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