Thursday, January 05, 2006

Things that really annoy me

When on a perfectly uneventful and QUIET train ride in to work someone sits next to me talking on their cell phone. This morning’s winner was a LOUD woman who gabbed on about which newspaper had the best coupons. When that conversation ended she proceeded to call another friend to talk because she was “bored.”

I daydreamed about ripping the phone out of her hands and throwing it down the aisle. Instead I settled for shooting dirty looks her way which she either never noticed or ignored. I swear SEPTA should have train cars designated to be cell phone free like they have in England.


Blogger t_cole said...

you don't happen to remember which paper she said had the best coupons???

yes, i think i'm funny...

January 05, 2006 4:45 PM  
Blogger E said...

Oh yes, very clearly. The Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer, but we don't have Albertson's or H.E.B.s up here.
And we think you are too.

January 05, 2006 5:37 PM  
Blogger t_cole said...

you are my kind of people!

January 05, 2006 9:11 PM  
Blogger Big Pissy said...


I miss Texas sometimes...

January 06, 2006 8:00 PM  

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