Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It ain't easy being Agnostic

So today must be the first day of Lent. I had to remind myself not to tell friends that they “have a little something on (your) forehead” and “let me just get that for you” while sticking my finger in my mouth and then reaching for their faces.

UPDATE: I reread this post after Greg commented in the post above. I worry that this post didn't come out "quite right." Not that I need to correct this but also not wanting to insult friends:
Not being Catholic, every year I forget about Ash Wednesday until I run into a friend with Ash on their forehead, usually later in the day when it's almost worn off. Every year I point out, "Uh, you have a little something right there" thinking I'm helping. And every year they remind that it's Ash Wednesday. This year I remembered so no more embarrassing myself... at least for one day.


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