Thursday, December 08, 2005

Holiday Cards

I get lots of those holiday photo cards from friends and family. I must admit that I love getting them and seeing how much the kids have grown in that one year.

Yesterday I got two in the mail. One from a friend who had a baby a couple of months ago and the photo is of her and her husband holding the baby. It was adorable. The next I got was from an acquaintance with two children. Every year their photo card is a photo of their son and daughter standing side by side with their vacation home in the background. Nothing too strange about that, right? Well, I think so. The kids are now about 26 and 28. I think that’s strange. They’re adults. They’re both out of school and hold full time jobs. It’s not like one isn’t wearing braces this year and the other is now towering over their sibling.

At what age is it no longer acceptable to take photos of your kids and send them to everyone you know as Christmas cards? I would say the cut off is high school age and even that might be a stretch. What do you think about this?


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