Monday, January 30, 2006

Hallmark just doesn’t make a card for this

My bestest, oldest friend who knows ALL my secrets and who I love dearly is getting a hysterectomy on Wednesday. This is not a sad day for her nor is this a sad blog entry. In fact, one might say she is thrilled.

OK, thrilled may be a strong word. She’s not so crazy about the surgery part (hell, who would be?) but she is thrilled with, what will be, the end result: no more uterus and no more serious medical problems. In fact, I went to get her a card and didn’t know if a Congratulations card was in order or a Get Well card, so I got both.
My dearest friend doesn’t want kids. She never has and she never will. She has known ever since I knew her back in my teenage years. She has married a wonderful man who also does not want children so for them this will be a lovely solution. The surgery is medically necessary so this really is killing two birds with one stone.

I talked to her on Sunday morning as I have every Sunday morning for the past 8 years since she moved away and asked her if she was nervous or scared. She said she was nervous about the surgery but the scariest part for her was if they make her recuperate in the maternity ward. Apparently a family member asked her if it was because being around all those babies would just be a painful reminder that she could no longer have children and she replied with (and I’m paraphrasing here – but probably not by much), “Hell, no. I just don’t want to hear the whining of babies when I should be resting.” Ahh, yup, that’s my girl.

I did have to ask her if I could post about this because one day she said, and I quote, “I do NOT want to be in your blog” but she gave me her blessing. She’s a shy one but boy, oh boy, do I have some stories I could tell you about the times we had in college. In fact, when I was writing the speech/toast I was going to give at her wedding I had all these great stories but none I could repeat in front of her family or new husband. Screw what they say about Vegas, what happened in Philly, stays in Philly.

So dearest friend who now lives WAY too far away, good luck, congratulations, bon voyage and Happy Hysterectomy day. I’ll be thinking of you and yes, I PROMISE not to make you laugh for a few weeks because it will apparently make you hurt like hell.


Blogger t_cole said...

give my absolute very best to your friend.
i have three precious darlings - if she ever changes her mind about having kids she has two choices - 1. come spend a week with me and my three - she will be cured.
or 2. i'll send her pics and bios and she can pick one of mine.
in any event, best friends are hard to come by. treasure and value every ounce of each other.

January 30, 2006 9:28 PM  

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