Friday, January 20, 2006


Last night at approximately 8:59 PM my phone rang. As I raced to the phone all I kept thinking was, “Who the hell would call me at this hour?”

It was Mr. Zinfandel. He was calling to see if I knew the hours kept by his other neighbor because he needed to return her call. Um, OK, so you are calling me to ask if I know if your direct next door neighbor may be awake or not because she had called you earlier? Apparently yes. He said her bedroom lights were on but he didn’t know if it was too late to call her or not. We decided that 9:00 was probably a good cut off time.

Now, it isn’t all that strange that he would call and ask this question. At past social gatherings we have discussed the early hours the nieghborhood keeps– early to bed, early to rise. Me being the agreed loser of the group with a 5:30 wake-up time and 9:30ish bedtime. (yes, yes, I know but I’m a morning person!!)

However, what I wanted to ask was, “Who did you call first to see if I may be awake or not?”

UPDATE: I am SO grateful my neighbors aren't like this guy. Of course he has given me tons of ideas just in case Mr. Zinfandel should decide to call again after 9:00 PM. (Credit goes to Glassdog for blogging about this article first.)


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