Monday, January 23, 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

I think that winter is over. On Saturday it was 65 degrees outside and I had all the windows and doors open in the house. The bulbs are starting to come up and IT IS JANUARY, PEOPLE!!! Then this morning my Assistant called.

My Assistant kicks ass. In addition to her general ass kickingness, her daughter is married to a Major League Baseball pitcher; very cool. I have never been that interested in baseball. I certainly don’t follow it on TV. I do, however, enjoy going to Phillies games every now and then as I love the green grass, nice weather, people-watching, hotdogs, beer and Cracker Jax (when I could eat/drink it). However ever since my Assistant was hired she now has me following her son-in-law’s career. During the season I pull up his team’s Web page to see if there are any new articles or pictures. I have even been known to watch a bit of a ball game on TV if he happens to be pitching.

Well, this morning she called to tell me that he just signed a new contract and is heading out for spring training in a couple of weeks. Spring Training. Already. What the hell happened to winter? I want my snow falls and blizzards and shoveling and I am feeling a bit cheated as it pours with rain that really should be a huge snow storm. Stupid global warming ruins everything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was pretty darn cold out there this morning.....

Of course, I forgot my gloves & had to put a pair of Mag's socks on my hands to scrape the car windows. No, I generally don't keep an extra pair of socks in the car for her, she LOVES to takes her shoes & socks off. The other night we were coming home from the in-laws when she decided to go barefoot and since it was late, I just carried her from the car to the house and didn't bother gathering the footwear. Thankfully, her Minnie Mouse socks kept my fingers toasty warm while I was scraping.
I am too impatient to just wait for the defrosters to do it... I'm usually ruinning late in the mornings. If I didn't drive such a P.O.S. hoopdie-mobile, I would buy one of those remote-starter-thingies so I could finish dressing her & packing lunches while the care was heating up....

January 24, 2006 9:23 AM  

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