Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Do these jeans make my cornea look odd?

Sorry for the lackluster posts as of late but how funny would you be while your MOTHER WAS STAYING WITH YOU FOR A WHOLE WEEK. Again. She’s gone now and I really, truly do love her to pieces but I like to be alone. In MY house, with MY rules. Of course on the plus side she did buy me dinner, make me dinner and have me be tidier than normal.

I just got back from the eye doctor. I really like my eye Doctor and it’s a good thing too because I have some messed up eyeballs. I have really bad astigmatism which makes fitting contacts difficult but then today he told me something I’ve never heard before. I have “odd” corneas. Yup, he used the word ODD. Now, it’s not like I don’t have enough of a complex about my odd shape but why did he have to throw my eyeballs in there too? And really, let’s get down to it, which parent will I blame for it? It's got to be someone's fault because it sure as hell ain't mine.

I know I get my big hips and non-existent ass (I know, I know, I will take a picture) from my Mother’s side. My weird, wavy hair and bad feet from my Dad’s side. My small boobs must have come from Dad since Mom is endowed and, well, Dad isn’t. My chicken legs came from Dad and my pasty skin came from Mom. But the eyes? Well, they both have bad eyesight so I’m sure that in this case they’ll be willing to share the blame. It’s only fair.

But, I guess I won’t get all worked up about it. I mean, you can’t tell from this picture that my right cornea is all screwy can you?


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