Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I was actually embarassed to purchase it

Last Saturday while running errands I dropped into the Liquor Store (yes, Pennsylvania is one of those damned states that ONLY sells liquor, wine, etc. in State owned and operated Liquor stores. If you want beer you’ll have to go to a Beer Distributor. They sure do make it difficult to get drunk in your own home around here…) to pick up a bottle of wine for Mr. Zinfandel’s party this Saturday night and to restock my supplies. I picked up a couple of nice Cabernets but I also picked up a bottle of White Zinfandel specially for the host.

White Zinfandel is CHEAP!!! At $6.99 it’s a bargain! Shame it tastes like crap but if Mr. Zinfandel likes it and since he is hosting neighbors AND co-workers, who am I to judge, I can certainly spring for the good stuff: a 2004 Beringer at $7.99. God forbid I embarrass him, or myself, in front of his co-workers and friends - I’ve already embarrassed myself, repeatedly, in front of my neighbors so I don’t care about them.

We’re still trying to figure out what the hell he was thinking mixing the neighbors AND “outside” friends. It’s been stated that you don’t even introduce new dating prospects to the neighborhood; parents first THEN the neighbors. You have to be pretty serious to get a Neighborhood introduction; we’re a tough crowd. What is he thinking?!

Cool Neighbor Chick and I are still trying to figure out the maximum embarrassment we can inflict. The possibilities are endless. And with White Zinfandel being so cheap we can do it all intoxicated. This way we can blame the Zinfandel instead of the weeks of planning and conspiring.

UPDATE: Mr. Zinfandel has informed me that martinis will be served. It’s gonna be ugly, people.


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