Monday, February 06, 2006

Hand licking is not considered a benefit

I was at the dentist again this morning. Nothing serious, just a cleaning, but I love my hygienist. We spent the entire time talking (OK, actually she was talking I was making odd grunting noises resembling words) about our jobs and Miami Ink. She loves it too.

I asked if it was hard working with someone staring back up at you from 6 inches away. She said that wasn’t as bad as trying to make small talk all day. Especially with her older patients since she had nothing in common with them. I told her that at least she had social interactions since I just sit holed up in my office all day staring at a computer screen and/or sitting on conference calls. Then she said that a guy once licked her hand.

Maybe I should be grateful that my only office social interactions come from the bathroom, the mailroom and down at the coffee machine. But I bet she gets free dental.


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