Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just a little more to the left

I am sorry. It’s been busy here at work what with me checking in at to check the race, joining conference calls in which I can’t hear a damn thing anyone is saying so I mute the phone and file my nails and searching the internet for proof that the news report on Channel 10 this morning was correct and that Jen and Vince really did get engaged. I mean, I need to know because I’ll have to go shopping for a gift.

Honestly, I’ve been a bit busy and I’ll be out of the office all day tomorrow at meetings and so I’m trying to prepare for those so I don’t sound like an utter jackass as usual. And the “best” part is that we’ll be conferenced in via VIDEO conferencing. Greeeeeaaaaat, so I’ll actually have to iron my pants, brush my hair and throw on some make-up for good measure. Yes, there’s nothing really bad about watching one’s co-workers on TV live but throw in having your own image in a box in the corner of the screen is really disconcerting.

I find myself staring at my image the whole time. Hmmm, if I tip my head to the left you can’t quite see the start of a double chin, please make a mental note to always tip my head to the left. Then I start fidgeting with my hair and becoming generally obsessed that my head really does look like a soft bowling ball and that it is way to small for my body and what was I thinking wearing that black shirt with those khaki pants? I’ll also have to make a concerted effort to curb my yawning because all the self-critiquing while trying to say intelligent things just wipes me out.


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