Thursday, August 31, 2006

So you know when...?

Yeah, so you know when you start taking a new Pill with a tad more estrogen in it and you know that estrogen can give you bigger boobs and since you weren’t born with big boobs in the first place and in fact they actually didn’t grow until you were 20 and your older more endowed sister promised that they really would grow one day and so you waited and waited and now you’re 32 and still waiting but nothing happens and so this hope of a new pill is really what you’re resting your current B- cup laurels on/in and pray that estrogen really is the miracle boob grower and that if this works you might just not have to order the “amazing all natural breast enhancer” that you’ve seen advertised in all the nice e-mails that fill up your in box?

Really? You too? How sad that there are two of us out there with lying older siblings.


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