Thursday, December 21, 2006

So you know when you have a couple things worth mentioning?

So you know when you go to your favorite blogs and they haven’t updated and you get really annoyed and you keep coming back and checking and then cursing them out for not posting because HELLO you need entertainment too and HELLO it’s been AGES? Yeah, me too. So, again, I suck and apologize. And in no way am I inferring that I’m one of your favorite blogs but I DO know for a fact that I am my Mom’s favorite blog so this one’s for you, Mom!!

Random things not worth mentioning but I’m going to anyway:

How does a girlfriend ruin her boyfriend’s FIRST Christmas? When in the car and he brings up something just say, “No, I wouldn’t want that, I’d never use it. That would be a ridiculous gift.” Then have him get quiet and say, “Um, I guess I need to go out shopping again.” Oh can the guilt be any worse?

Seriously, I wrote about it last year but when your children are old enough to have their OWN kids, please don’t send out the x-mas photo card with them as the photo. It’s creepy.

Remember this one? Remember how I made fun of Chrome cologne? How could it smell good, I wrote? Yeah, last month as I was falling asleep with my head on Train Guy’s chest I asked, what IS the cologne you wear? Yeah, take a guess. That’s right and you know what? It smells AWESOME and makes me weak in the knees every single time I smell it… of course I feel the same way when he’s not wearing it but just looking at him. Yeah, you can go throw up now. In fact, I may throw up now too.

My Mom gave me the gift of health for Xmas and gave me a gym membership. I now go every morning (well, for the past 3 mornings –she just gave it me) at 6:30 with Mr. Zinfandel up the street. He’s a physical therapist so in addition to having someone to carpool with and motivate me to get up and go every morning he’s been acting as my own personal trainer. He rocks. Santa may bring him a nice bottle of White Zin for Christmas….

Why do women apply lipstick BEFORE working out? Carefully. At 6:30 in the morning?

Why do people keep sending me boxes of chocolates when they know I can’t eat them? I guess I shouldn't complain. Train Guy really is enjoying them and since I've ruined Christmas for him maybe chocolate will help him forget how much I suck…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so glad you posted, I've been remiss in checking in, but I do read you and you're a favorite!

Hope your holidays were great!

December 28, 2006 3:29 PM  
Blogger t_cole said...

you're the first link on my blog
and i have missed you
but it's my fault for being AWOL.
i am trying to be back
you try too.

January 16, 2007 11:23 AM  

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