Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clean Air Reminder

If you live in the Philadlephia area and use PECO/Exelon Electricity pretty please with sugar on top enroll in their PECO Wind Energy program. It really DOES make a difference. It may cost a bit more but having a planet to live on in 50 years is worth it don't you think?


Is it just me?!

I was contacted last night by someone in our California offices who asked me if I would please e-mail and set up a time to interview a prospective hire this week. She lives here in Philly and they asked if I could talk to her about the company and how it is working from home, etc.

I sent the woman a nice e-mail giving her a quick and funny snapshot into my life working from home and said I’d be happy to talk to her further if there was a good time to reach her.

She replied back this morning and asked if I was free after 9. AT NIGHT. Are you fucking kidding me? Who asks that? 9 PM. When most normal people go to bed. And a good 3 hours after NORMAL business hours cease.

Now, at my company we really do work 24/7 but what little spoiled, Ivy league grad student twit who only works THREE HOURS A DAY asks someone who is supposed to be talking to them about the company they want to work for if they could talk after 9:00 PM because it would be more convenient for them?! GOOD FUCKING GRIEF. Starting a conversation at 9 means we wouldn’t end until 9:30 or 10.

SO, I wrote her back and said, no, as I have a life, I can only speak to her during normal business hours: 8 to 6. She didn’t seem offended at all. In fact, she wrote, “Figured I'd give it a shot in case you were an evening worker!” So she said Friday at 10:00 AM would be fine.

Even if I were an evening worker does that seem right to you? Is it me being old? Is it her being a selfish twit? I just can’t get over this. Am I being crazy?!? Overreacting? Anyone out there hold an interview after 9 at night when the position is NOT a night job?!?! Yeesh…