Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How to top off an already crappy past couple of weeks at work

Spill a full glass of water directly on the keyboard of your laptop two nights before you are to leave on a business trip* in which the materials needed for said trip are all saved on the hard drive of your now drowning computer. Yeah, good times!!

Yup, I did that last night. I was pretty proud of myself too; I didn’t shed one tear. Now that could have been for two reasons: one, I knew that the salt form the tears would just corrode the computer more or two, I was in shock. I’m putting my money on number 2.

Once it happened I flipped it upside down to POUR the water out then I tried mopping up what I could with a dish towel. Then, on Train Guy’s suggestion, I used my hair dryer on it for a good 25 minutes and left it propped on its side overnight with a fan blowing on it.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep last night. I did, however, successfully drown the computer. It seems the hard drive wasn’t destroyed though and my IT department did download the majority of my files for me but now I’m back on my antique lap top thinking of all the files I had stored and if there are any there I don’t want my IT department sniffing around in. Oh well, too late now.

*I’m off to Salt Lake City thru Saturday. I’ll post when I return….

Monday, October 09, 2006

So you know when...

So you know when you look at your watch and it says 3:15 and you get all excited but then you look down again and it seems you misread your watch because it’s only 2:15 and the day is dragging by and the fact that it is a holiday for most other people and the sister company that you steal office space is closed but you never thought to ask last week so when you showed up this morning and it was all dark and eerie and you had to scan your key card thingy eighty times just to get to your desk and you even had to scan it to go to the bathroom because apparently you work in Fort Knox but had you even thought for one minute about that fact maybe you would have just worked from home because in addition to YOUR company actually being open sleeping in would have been heavenly because you went and heard David Sedaris the night before and it was AWESOME but you got home late but the alarm didn’t care and woke you up at 5:30 anyway and when you think of that missed opportunity to actually sleep in until 6:30 or, gasp, 7 you get even more pissed? Yeah, me too.