Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Holidays

Here is my Holiday card from a few years ago. Lucy was only 5 months old and George was just plain pissed.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Holiday Cards

I get lots of those holiday photo cards from friends and family. I must admit that I love getting them and seeing how much the kids have grown in that one year.

Yesterday I got two in the mail. One from a friend who had a baby a couple of months ago and the photo is of her and her husband holding the baby. It was adorable. The next I got was from an acquaintance with two children. Every year their photo card is a photo of their son and daughter standing side by side with their vacation home in the background. Nothing too strange about that, right? Well, I think so. The kids are now about 26 and 28. I think that’s strange. They’re adults. They’re both out of school and hold full time jobs. It’s not like one isn’t wearing braces this year and the other is now towering over their sibling.

At what age is it no longer acceptable to take photos of your kids and send them to everyone you know as Christmas cards? I would say the cut off is high school age and even that might be a stretch. What do you think about this?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Isabelle sent me this meme ages ago and I’m not feeling too creative at the moment so here it goes….

1. What book are you reading now?
2. What is your favorite vegetable?
3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
4. Siblings?
5. How tall are you?
6. Where is the strangest place you’ve ever been?
7. What is one place you want to go before you die?
8. Dog or cat person?
9. What makes you laugh?
10. What kind of shoes are you wearing right now?

1. I’m currently reading the World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. It’s excellent.
2. My favorite vegetables, in order, are” green beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots and cauliflower.
3. I have too many pet peeves to list here.
4. I have one sister who is 5 years older than me.
5. I am 5’8” tall and most of me is leg.
6. I don’t know if it’s “strange” but I’ve been to Iceland.
7. Before I die I want to visit Greece.
8. I am a dog person.
9. Most everything makes me laugh. Life is funny!
10. I am currently wearing the most comfortable shoes in the world: Dansko “Professional” Clogs.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's a Charlie Brown Christmas!

Just a reminder that the Peanuts are coming to ABC tonight at 8 Eastern. If watching Charlie Brown and his little Christmas tree doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit then something is SERIOUSLY wrong with you.

Dyed fuzzy bunny slippers to match

Yesterday, while heading to the train, I passed some Drexel University students in pajamas. Outside. With bookbags. In public. I've seen some kids do it before and I thought it was a sorority thing or something but I guess not. Jeans and sweatshirts are fine and even having the hair that makes you LOOK like you just rolled out of bed is all part of college, but actually wearing pajama bottoms to class? I think that's a bit much.

Now I don’t consider myself “old-fashioned” but I really do miss getting dressed up for things. I assume I’m in the minority but I miss wearing suits to work. I always felt so much more professional. I miss getting dressed up to go out to dinner or even the theater. I have at least five or six floor length, black tie formal dresses that rarely get worn anymore since everyone got married and work holiday parties seem to have become after work cocktail parties.

When I was a kid we would get dressed up to get on a plane. Yup, we did. As kids in the mid-70s we wore dresses, never jeans. We also put on dresses, white tights and patent leather Mary Janes when we went into New York City for a show. Mom wore a dress and Dad a suit. Now kids wear jeans or even sweat pants. Last year I went to the opera and got dressed up and was surprised, and happy, to see others doing the same. There were some college-age kids in jeans but they were few and far between. Some of the nicest restaurants in the city now actually specify “no jeans.” I think that’s sad. I think it should be a given that if you’re going to a four star restaurant that you wear something nice. Nothing seems to be special anymore.

Is it a respect issue or just a style issue? Whatever it is, I wish we would get dressed up for things again. I mean, what’s the point of keeping your prom dresses if the only times you wear them again are when you clean the house?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Things that make me laugh uncontrollably

When Lucy the Lab came out of emergency surgery Friday night totally whacked out of her skull on morphine.

She was accidentally nipped on the side while playing with a puppy friend, and after emergency surgery on Friday night to stitch her up the Vet brought her out to me with the warning she’d had morphine and might be chatty. Hunh?

She was panting, tongue lolling out of the side of her mouth, drooling and whining/whimpering incessantly. Apparently dogs, like humans, become chatty when they come off of morphine. She wasn’t in any pain, it was just that since dogs can not form words, their “chatting” comes out as WHINING. And oh, did she whine and slur her way thru the entire night. She lay there for 7 hours, whining, eyes dilated and tongue hanging out of her mouth until the effects wore off.

I just hope this doesn’t become a habit and she doesn’t start faking injuries so we can go back and get more for her. I don’t think the Dog Insurance covers addictions, but I’ll go check just in case.

It actually worked!

Thank you, Internet, for doing your Snow Dances! We got about an inch on Saturday and are expecting a few more inches tonight! Since you all did so well with the Snow Dance task I wonder if you could work on your Winning the Lottery Dance? Thanks, I’d really appreciate it.