Wednesday, September 06, 2006

No longer freaking out E style

It’s finally here, Train Guy found us a room at a beautiful Inn in town and so we’re off to Nantucket. I have outfits to wear, those clothes sort of fit and I can’t wait for four days of not worrying about a thing except making a good impression on his family and trying not to look like a giant.

Did I mention that Train Guy’s family is on the shorter side and well, I’m not? I will be a full five feet eleven inches in my heels and will tower over poor TG too – he’s a whopping 5’9”; 5’ 10” if he poofs his hair up (or if you’re a Fletch fan, “with the afro.”).In fact, I was out with his Mom once and was wearing low heels and she said, “You’re a giant!” Thanks so much. I used to think I was average and I certainly don't have enough neuroses to deal with so thanks for adding my height to the ever growing list.

Anyhoo, I’ll be relaxing, biking, shopping, enjoying the beach, and relishing in the fact that I won’t have access to the Internet for 4 full days. If things go well and we actually get a half way decent photo of us I may have to come out of the blogging closet and show myself…. we’ll see….. but not if I look like a giant.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Unsolicited and unprofessional advice from E

Have your best friend be a practicing clinical psychologist. Oh yeah, you get great advice from a friend who knows all those intimate details of your life and has actual first hand knowledge of some of your lowest lows! No need to spend two or three sessions and hundreds of dollars explaining just what an ass your ex(es) was(were), because she too spent countless hours with him! No need to spend painful hours describing how mean your parents really were when you were a teen (because they didn’t buy you that Benetton rugby you begged for even though it cost the same amount as the monthly food budget) because she’s met them! You can sit, lie down, stand, be on the phone, in her house, your house, correspond via e-mail, eating, starving, be drinking, drunk, and at any time of the day pretty much. She knows all, has experienced most of it with you and the best part is that the advice she gives is professional and licensed by the state of Pennsylvania!

And yes, I know JUST how lucky I am.