Thursday, November 09, 2006


I quit my job yesterday. Sent in my letter of resignation. Said, I’m outta here, buh-bye. My last day is December 1st. I have been dreaming of this day for a long time and now it’s here I’m a bit scared. Holy crap I’ve had this job for over 6 years and I can do it with my eyes closed. Why would I give that up for a new job with a new company when I won’t quite know what I’m doing?! Because I want a challenge. Because I’m bored. Oh hell, because I want the signing bonus.

We’re off to DC now for a long weekend. I’m going to drink martinis until my nerves settle. I’m glad to be away from the phone and e-mail so I don’t have to hear this anymore, “Oh my GOD, you quit? Why?”

Because now I get to work from home, wear sweat pants and be with the dogs 24/7. Of course what do I feel the drawbacks are? I’ll be working from home, wearing sweats all day and never be away from the dogs…. Did I think this through?

More on the new job and all the sordid details of getting hired next week when I come back....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Is it Christmas already?!

We're one away from taking the Senate. We have control of the House and Rumsfeld just stepped down (i.e.: he got his ass fired)! Yes, Virginia, there really IS a Santa Claus.

Except Britney and KFed are getting divorced. I am shocked. Just SHOCKED. It's devastating. How can you believe in marriage now? I mean if THEY can't work it out there is no hope for the rest of us. They were just so perfect. So RIGHT. You know? Sigh....

Thank you

To all the people of Pennsylvania who did NOT vote for Rick Santorum yesterday:

Thank you from the bottom of my reproductive system.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bathroom Etiquette #8

This morning the bathroom was rather full and so I had to go into a stall next to someone else. Two seconds after I shut the door a cell phone rings in the stall next to mine. The woman answers:

“NO, it’s OK, I’m not busy. Yeah, no, I’m at my desk.”

So I pee as fast as my little bladder will let me and flush. TWICE. Then another woman flushed and another. I’d say 4 toilets flushed within 5 seconds. The cell phone woman stopped talking and you could hear the phone flip shut.

Nice to see that my passive aggressiveness is catching. And, yeah, and we all were smiling as we were washing our hands and no, she didn’t come out while we were there. At your desk my ass…

***And please go and VOTE today if you haven't already! ***

Monday, November 06, 2006

A very long winded story about the Philadelphia Parking Authority

So let me tell you a little (OK, fine, it’s long) story about me and the Philadelphia Parking Authority the BASTARDS!!!

So back in 2001, yes, that is 2001, five LONG years ago, I got a lovely letter in the mail from the parking authority saying I'd gotten a parking ticket and hadn't paid it. Being the freak that I am I felt AWFUL and was sure that the ticket must have blown off the windshield and where could I expedite the check to. Then I slapped myself a few times and remembered a few things. One, I had an unbelievably expensive parking space in the basement of my building, then I drove my car WAY out in to the suburbs everyday to work for a financial services company that was paying my paycheck at the time and three, I never ever parked the damn thing on the street. Hmmm.. so I looked more closely at the ticket. It has my license plate number but no make/model of the car. Hmmm.... and where the hell is the street corner that they were charging me $63 for parking to close to the corner? Seems that corner was in a SERIOUSLY scary neighborhood in Southwest Philly. I can guarantee my car was never there at 1:00 in the afternoon. So, I do what any respectable MORON does. I call and ask what the make and model of the car ticket was because it wasn't listed on the ticket. No one could tell me. So I check the box to request a hearing and enclose a lovely letter. I hear nothing and get another ticket this time with late charges, so I check the "request a hearing box" enclose another letter and call again. Nothing.

Then I moved to Cincinnati, got a new car with a new license plate and think it's over. Nope, in 2004, I get another ticket in the mail! UGH! So I check the box, whip off a letter explaining I live in Cincy now but they are free to call me. I never hear from them again so I think it's over.

I got home from work on Friday and there is a letter from the Philadelphia. Park Dept. waiting for me. First thing that goes thru my head is, where the hell did Train Guy take my car, get a ticket and not tell me AND not pay it, jerk. Uh, nope, they found me again. And what's funny is that it's for the original $63 amount, STILL no mention of the make/model of the car but now there is a number to schedule a hearing and you can be DAMN sure that the minute I finish this post I'm calling to arrange a hearing. And oh yeah, I still have the letter I sent in 2004, the letters I sent in 2001, the cleared checks from the parking garage, my work calendar that actually DOES show I had a meeting out in the burbs that day and a picture of my car and copy of the registration that proves my car was a 2000 silver Jetta.

Of course just my luck, I'll get to the hearing and they'll say, coincidentally, it was a 2000 silver Jetta because life has been kicking me down like that lately. Sigh...