Friday, June 08, 2007

Last night's dinner conversation

Train Guy: I can’t believe you invited them for dinner, you don’t know anything about them. We met them at a B&B in Napa! They could be psychos!

Me: Oh shut up, they were nice, we had fun talking with them over breakfast. Like you're one to talk! You’re now LIVING with a woman you met in a TRAIN STATION!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The past 4 months

So the past 4 months really have been crazy. Work is insane. For awhile I was wondering why I left my cushy 5 day a week job that I always got done in 2 days for this hectic, frantic paced 80 hour a week job. I thought I gave up working those kinds of hours YEARS ago! I've earned a slower pace! But then I realized how awesome the company is even though my big, bad bureacratic nightmare company took us over and I'm happy. Really, happy.

BUT, in answer to Isabelle's e-mail: Train Guy (yes, he's still with me) took me to the Adirondacks for our weekend away. (I won't even bother linking to the post because it's only referenced about 4 posts down. Go ahead and refresh your memory. I'll wait.) It was gorgeous and restful and we ate and drank way too much and completely disappointed his Mother when she heard it was just a weekend away and her precious first-born had NOT proposed. We are years away from that, People. Really.

What else, what else... oh yeah! So remember how I met Train Guy? Yeah, I met him waiting in line at 30th Street Station during a transit strike when the train lines went down. He was this adorable kid who kept interrupting my conversation with a perfectly lovely woman who is an architect? Anyway, mild flirting for a few months, a hot first date at which I thought he was picking me up in his father's car and 18 months later he's moved in. That's right. We're living in sin.

OK, back to work. More to post tomorrow.


I am so seriously flattered that you guys still come back to check if I'm still writing! Well, now I can't disappoint! Posts will follow.... PROMISE. Cross my heart and hope to die with a pinkie swear.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Hmmm... so THIS is my blog

I think I forgot about it. It's been awhile. Almost 4 months. It's been a pretty damned busy 4 months too.

Here are the top 3 reasons I haven't posted:

1. Work is kicking my ass.
2. Work is keeping me super busy.
3. All I do is work.

BUT good news is that my work is kind of cyclical and now we're on a down cycle so I may start posting. Who knows if anyone even reads this anymore though. I promise to post daily, if not every other day if you guys are still out there!