Friday, February 02, 2007

Trip guessing

OK, so I’ve decided to take a daily guess as to where Train Guy is taking me for the weekend of March 30th:

Guess #1 – We’re going to Pocono Speedway to watch the race cars. No, neither of us have any interest in car racing or whatever the hell they call it when lots of cars drive really fast around a closed track.

Guess #2 – We’re going to eat at every single Buffalo Wild Wings in a 100 mile radius.

Squance (see comments on my last post) thought TG will be taking me on a lovely nostalgia tour of beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio. God, I hope not. No offense…

Thursday, February 01, 2007

So far in 2007...

I’ve resolved to stop offering to do things for people. Now, that’s not to say if you need a favor and you’re in a bind I won’t help you out but I am getting pretty sick of myself always leaping to everyone’s aid when it actually puts me out. Why do I do it? Who knows but I am making an effort to say, “Actually, no. I don’t want to offer to help you out with XYZ because I really HATE XYZ.” I’m sure I’ll find a nice way to say it though. Or maybe not. For awhile there I was really feeling taken advantage of but then Train Guy reminded me that I didn’t really NEED to say “yes” when people asked. It was a big moment for me. NO. NO. NO. See? I think I’m getting better already!

The new job is keeping me really busy and my new routine of hitting the gym at 6:30 in the morning more days than not during the week is just adding to my exhaustion. But it’s all a good exhaustion. A “wow, things are really good, I’m really happy and my life is full” kind of exhaustion.

Besides the same old same old here Train Guy sent me the following e-mail yesterday:

“We have plans the weekend of march 30th and will not be home. We will also need to leave earlyish on friday (before noon if possible). Find a dog sitter. It's a surprise!
(Train Guy)"

Well now. I like surprises but I also have the patience of a gnat so I’m already losing my mind wondering where we’re going. Eight weeks? He expects me to be patient for 8 weeks and not bug the living shit out of him asking “Where are we going?!” He’s already threatened twice to cancel it since my asking is annoying him. The way I see it it’s his fault for bringing it up 56 DAYS in advance and not actually expecting me to plead…. and here I thought he knew me so well…

Hmmm.. I wonder where we’re going since TG doesn’t believe in spending money on vacations. He sees it as a waste of money and would rather dump money into cars which I see as a waste but whatever. So where to? Has to be within driving distance and he said he’d tell me what to pack the night before So far my two guesses are my friends’ beach house since that’s where we went last year at that time for a long weekend or we’re heading to the Home Depot to buy paint to paint my ceilings all weekend. I’ve been nagging him to help me with that for a long time now. Now THAT would be an awesome surprise