Friday, June 16, 2006

The Status Quo

It’s Friday and I have nothing to say. Not only do I have nothing to say, nothing is going on to even give me something to write about. I have a fun-filled weekend of weed pulling and lawn mowing ahead of me and if I decide to go crazy I may spread some mulch. I know, I can barely contain my excitement too.

Train Guy is away at a family function tomorrow and Sunday so I will happily make one with my couch tomorrow night and watch something that TiVo has taped for me that I most likely won’t like but will watch and then become addicted to because that’s what happens.

On Sunday my parents will come over and I’ll make brunch for Father’s Day and then I’ll go back to my yard work until my meeting in the evening. I can’t talk about that one yet but when I can I will. Well, maybe. Unless it’s bad then I won’t because if I’m depressed why should all of you be too? And if you aren’t, well then what kind of people are you to not show some empathy?! Yeeesh….

So, have a happy weekend all. May your weeding get done, your laundry get washed and your house dusted. Hopefully I’ll have more to post about next week…

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vacation all I ever wanted

I hate coming back from vacations.

Not just for the usual reasons; reality, responsibility, having to cook my own food, waking up to the alarm. But because I get BIG time anxiety the night before I go back to work. I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about the amount of work that will be waiting for me. Especially the e-mails that I know will take hours to go thru and respond to.

Now why, you may ask, since I got home on Monday didn’t I at least open my e-mails then or at the very least on Tuesday? Because I AM ON VACATION DAMN IT. I know it doesn’t make sense but you see the minute I start looking at my e-mail I’ll start replying and when I start replying then I’ll start thinking and when I start thinking…. well, all hell breaks loose so it’s better that I don’t open the e-mails until the day I go back to work.

I may lose a couple hours of sleep the night before but at least I actually get to enjoy my vacation. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m only on e-mail #247. Only 95 more to go...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Except I used my Visa card

Four swimming suits purchased: $208.00

Overnight shipping for two of the suits: $19.95

Cost of the one suit that fit: $52.00

Cost of three returned suits: $156.00

Swimming suit that did fit but wasn’t worn: PRICELESS

We only went out on the boat once due to the billion mile per hour winds and even though the pool was toasty 85 degrees we never bothered getting in. All in all it was a fabulous, fun and relaxing weekend. Ahhhhhhh…….. and the best part is that I’m taking tomorrow off work too to ease myself into the real world. I don’t like to rush back to reality.