Thursday, May 18, 2006

Virginia Take Two

Two days before the dogs and I were to go down to Virginia to spend a long weekend hiking George the Jack Russell jumped out of my car and tore a ligament in his knee. One surgery, about 10 weeks of recuperation and a zillion dollars later we're going to attempt the trip again.

Hopefully some good posts will come out of the trip and if not I can guarantee about a hundred pictures.

I'll be back on Monday.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am SO disappointed in myself

I like to consider myself a City girl, a street-wise girl, a girl who instinctively would fight back if, say, the Boogeyman should choose to jump out and get her.

Apparently not.

Yesterday while walking to the train on a major street, surrounded by people, my phone rings. It’s Train Guy seeing if I’m taking the 5:06 home. Yes, I say, and then we proceeded to talk for a few minutes. As we’re talking about the fact that moments earlier I had run into Kid Rock’s twin “brother” on the street (I swear it was his twin, minus the money, fame, singing and Pamela Anderson) someone grabs me from behind and holds on.

Did I pull away? No. Did I yell for help? No. Did I reach around and stab my fingers in his/her eyes? No. Did I try to turn around to kick the person squarely in the crotch? No. Fight back in any way, shape or form? No.

What did I do? I squeal like a little girl who saw a spider crawling up her leg and hunch over. And what’s even more embarrassing/humiliating/pathetic/ridiculous is that as I’m squealing – NOT screaming, People, SQUEALING, I realize it’s Train Guy, he’s laughing, people are staring and I am mortified.

Kind of scary to think that had it been the Boogeyman I would probably be dead. So much for being a tough girl.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Articles of clothing that should not be seen around the office. Spring 2006 Version

As the warm weather descends upon us and less clothing is worn I believe that an Office Attire Etiquette list should be started:

- Tank tops (aka wife beaters, camisoles) should NOT be worn at the office.

- Skin tight ,white pants with VISIBLE panty lines showing your PINK underwear should NOT be worn at the office.

- Sandals that are too small and therefore your toes hang over the front should NOT be worn at the office.

- Mini skirts so short that I can see your ass cheeks as you walk down the hall should NOT be worn at the office.

- See-through tops should NOT be worn at the office.

- Bathing suits should NOT be worn at the office.

- Shorts should NOT be worn at the office.

- Midriff baring shirts should NOT be worn at the office. I don’t want to see a) your fat and b) your belly button ring pierced thru your fat.

- Baseball, straw or any other type of hat should NOT be worn at the office.

Do you have any that you’d like to add? Please post them in the comments.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Note to Self

Stop wearing that old, faded, orange spaghetti strap tank top while doing yard work.

At the Neighborhood Party on Saturday night it was mentioned that a neighbor down the street, at first glance, thought that earlier in the day I was doing my yard work topless. I don’t know if I’m more horrified that my coloring so closely resembles washed out orange or that my neighbor thought I might actually do yard work without a top on.