Friday, August 25, 2006


So work’s been a bit hectic lately. New projects, new deadlines, new folks to work with. All of this is good as it keeps me from getting bored but let me sum it up for you. Me on the phone yesterday:

“Uh huh. Of course! No problem, I’d be happy to.” Hang up the phone and utter, “Am I the only one with something resembling a brain?”

“I think that’s a great idea, I’ll get started on it right away.” Hang up and say under my breathe, “Fucking moron.”

And while e-mailing a friend and co-worker she wrote, “You know, our jobs would be so much easier to do without ‘clients,’ co-workers and bosses.” My reply, “Sigh… yes.”

Thank God I only have a few hours left today… and then it will all resume on Monday.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Instant mood lifter

I was having an OK day; nothing bad, nothing great. Then I get a call from the front desk. Seems that someone sent me flowers. The only other time that happened was when I had a raging sinus infection, felt like ASS, was working at The Firm and was putting in a 100 hour week and my Mom sent me flowers to make me feel better. It was sweet then and getting a call from security saying I had flowers made me just as happy today.

My first thought, as I was walking down to get them was, “how sweet that Train Guy sent me flowers for no reason.” But the card was from one of my clients*. He wanted to say thank you for doing him a favor the other day. Isn’t that just so damned nice you could cry?

Yep, now I’m having a GREAT day.

* I don’t have really have “clients” but if I write what they were you’d all know what I did for a living (I'm trying to keep the mystery alive here, People). OK, fine. If I said they were “johns” then my Mom would know I was a hooker. Kidding Mom!! I’m not really a hooker! I prefer the term “High Class Call Girl”…

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And this time I could actually afford the rugby shirt

I would just like it stated for the record that the new “fashion” of skinny jeans with the 1980s style tapered legs is not flattering on those who are of a certain body type. And by “certain” body type I mean mine. I may have been able to pull it off when I was in junior high but I can not do so now. Damn it. BUT, it sure did give me a laugh when I tried on a pair in the Gap around the corner from the office. I needed a good laugh too. Thanks, Editors at Vogue, for giving that to me today.

BUT, since the tapered legs are back in style when are the big huge baggy shirts with giant belts going to come back in? If I could wear a baggy top or sweatshirt, or hell a BENETTON RUGBY, with those pants or leggings I’d look pretty damned good! Hey, if you are going to bring back one style from the day, you really should bring back all of them. At least that’s what I think.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Better future, wine-swilling

That's the SPAM mail subject line of the week and you know what I have to say to that? AMEN! I feel SO much better about the future when I'm swilling some wine!

Of course the e-mail was telling me that I "qualified for a much lower rate based on our records from a national database." Great, but on what?!? What do I qualify for a lower rate on? My credit cards? Mortgage? Maybe you should have had a little less wine before sending me that e-mail. You obviously left out some important information. I was all ready to buy into what you were selling and open up that attached file but now I'm going to have to pass.... and open up a bottle of wine and contemplate my better future without you.