Friday, November 18, 2005

Moment of Zen Photo of the Week

I took this over the summer on a garden tour.

Another one of those days

I had to wear actual business attire today because I have a business lunch. I put on a new pair of SLIMMING pants (whoo hoo!) and a sweater that looks darned good with it and then a pair of kitten heels that don't make my feet kill after 30 seconds. Since I HAD to look somewhat professional today I just KNEW something would go wrong.

I was about to leave the house when I noticed that I had a coffee stain on the cuff of my cream colored sweater... sigh. Then it occurred to me that my great pants aren't lined and it is FREEZING out today. That's OK, I thought, I can take the bus from 30th Street Station up to work so I won't freeze and I won't get blisters. HAH! Famous last words.

The train was delayed and I missed the bus by about 1 minute. Off I trudge up Market Street freezing, wishing I had at least worn stockings or some other layer under the pants because it might actually be warmer if I were in shorts. The shoes started pinching and the wind was howling whipping my hair into a lovely rat's nest of expensively highlighted knots. My nose was running and my eyes were watering leaving a lovely black trail of eyeliner from the corners of my eyes.

But, all was not lost, I cuffed the sleeves of the sweater; no more coffee stains! Found a comb in my purse and then carefully wiped away the black lines and have been sitting in my chair rolling over some bubble wrap that fell out of my trash can - pop, pop, pop. Ahhhh, yes, all is not lost. Now if there isn't a cab outside when I need to go to my lunch meeting I will cry.

Have a great weekend, all!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Overheard on the train

I swear I really did overhear this on the train this morning:

Teen girl to other teen girl: Do Jewish people celebrate Thanksgiving too?

Older Man across the aisle: Just the American ones.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bathroom Etiquette 2

OK, so in my last post on bathroom etiquette I went into detail on etiquette for choosing a bathroom stall. This post is on Reading Material.

While using the facilities at work yesterday morning I noticed a few Avon catalogs in the file holder by the sinks. (My office kindly has a file holder near the sinks should you decide to coincide your restroom trip with your Xeroxing.) I didn't think anything of it but when I went BACK to the bathroom in the late afternoon the Avon catalogs had made their way IN to the stalls.

Now, it might be OK for the first person to have taken it in with them but then to leave it? Shouldn't they have either taken it with them or at the very least, put it back so no one would have known where it had been? (Nothing like picking out a new lipstick shade while peeing.) Did they really think I would want to pick up something that a prefect stranger had held and skimmed thru in their process of relieving themselves? Gross.

If you're going to leave reading material in the restroom do it with the suggestion that people to take it with them. Do you really want someone to take the catalog in with them, look at it in whatever stage of “going” and then PUT IT BACK for the next unsuspecting person to pick up? That seems a bit unhygienic don’t you think?

In fact, now I’m thinking about it, is it really appropriate to be hocking your SECOND JOB’s wares in the bathroom of your primary place of employment? At least have the decency to do it in the lunchroom.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Apparently these things really DO only happen to me

How many times have you walked near an oak tree and heard or seen acorns falling? Lots, right? Have you ever been nailed on the head by one? I’ve asked a couple people and they’ve said they’ve never been hit. Seems strange since the odds are that you would get hit at least once in your lifetime. I mean, there are a lot of oak trees out there and people walk under them all the time. In my 31 and a half years I have never been hit. This morning? Yeah, twice. Right on the noggin. Pointy side down. My head STILL hurts. Damn squirrels. What did I do to them besides sic the dogs on them when they get on the feeder? Yeesh, they’re so sensitive.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Hint: It’s not sliced bread

OK, the world’s greatest invention so far: the leaf blower. I have a big yard. I am really lucky to have a huge yard where I live. One thing I don’t have in my gorgeous yard is a tree. I am, however, surrounded by them so raking is a pain in the neck and exacerbated by the fact that all those god damned leaves that I spend hours raking AREN’T EVEN MINE. I also don’t have a leaf collection where I live so I have to bag them all in those big brown paper bags so they can be recycled and made into mulch. Way to be eco-friendly but the raking and bag-stuffing process is a laborious one.

Not any more. Last year I spent a good three weekends raking, went thru a bottle of Advil, a tube of Neosporin on the blisters all over my hands and spent several nights lying on the floor moaning from the back pain. This year? Yeah, it took me an HOUR AND A HALF!!! Whoever invented the leaf blower is a GENIUS I tell you!!

Ahh, yes, the little things in life……

No I don't need to go to the bathroom

My sister and her three year old daughter were in town for a few days last week and over the weekend. Here I am with the dogs waiting for her daughter to complete a temper tantrum.